From Batmobiles to a car shaped liked Pacman: Jay Ohrberg's collection has it all

Jay Ohrberg's automotive career started at an early age when he began tinkering with cars, trying to find out how they worked.

At high school, driving hotrod cars was popular and Jay enjoyed the hobby at least as much as his classmates, but he wanted more. He decided that he had to build his own car to be satisfied with the structural integrity, overall appearance and performance.

Jay's particular fascination is with the opportunities for experimentation and innovation with cars, both as a designer and collector.

Now his company, Jay Ohrberg Hollywood Cars, has an extensive collection of speciality vehicles - there are more than 500 unique specialty vehicles to Jay's design and craftsmanship credit.

Just a few of the cars from the Ohrberg collection

Jay is sometimes known as 'King of Show Cars', and his collection boasts some of the most recognisable and unique cars ever used in the entertainment industry.

These include the 'Pink Panther' car driven at the start of the famous cartoons, which in an animated fashion carried the lurid, lanky feline and the cartoon inspector inspired by Peter Sellars's bungling Detective Inspector Clouseau. This one, however, is to be sold in a few weeks' time.

Other highlights that Jay has made himself include a Dukes of Hazard General Lee, a Ford Gran Torino for Starsky and Hutch, two versions of KITT for Knight Rider (one for the Knight Rider 2000 film and one from the 'super pursuit mode' version from the TV series.

He has also built Batmobiles for Tim Burton's dark Batman Returns - indeed Jay believes that he has built more Batmobiles than anyone else - and Deloreans for the considerably lighter Back to the Future movies.

Jay, who was recognised as a car collector after buying a car per week for 57 weeks straight, owns some truly outrageous vehicles. There's one shaped like a guitar with the frets leading the way and the driver sitting where the strumming would be.

Jay's 'Krazy Kars' also include ones shaped like a roller-skate, Pacman and a casino die, aside from autos including a piano and a pool table. There's even one which doubles as a helicopter.

With all these extraordinary cars, Jay is hoping to present them in a museum, and is open to offers. Some of them have to be seen to be believed.


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