The Ferrari Enzo has long been a favourite among car collectors...

This was made clear when a businessman made an amazing £100,000 in profit in under a year from his Ferrari Enzo, which he never drove.

The modern classic Ferrari was bought from UK supercar dealer Tom Hartley for £625,000 in 2004, according to the Sun newspaper.

The buyer, a Parisian hotel boss, then sold the unused car back to Hartley a year later for £725,000.

According to Hartley, the buyer invested in the Enzo because it was "safer" than putting his cash in a bank.

But Hartley still made £50,000 profit when he sold the motor to a British businessman for £775,000 - incredibly, within one week.

The Ferrari Enzo would have been worth £450,000 in 2002.

"He's made a very good profit, especially as he just kept it in his garage," Hartley, of Overseal, Derbyshire, UK, told the Sun.

This is another example of how classic cars and supercars are increasingly being treated as investments by buyers who are tired of stocks and shares.

For instance, a 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage has appreciated by £10,000 since November to £50,000.

And the Lamborghini Gallardo has risen in value from £90,000 eight months ago to more than £100,000.

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