Ferrari F40 leads Coys' Nuremberg sale

A Ferrari F40 led at Coys' Nuremberg sale with a final bid of $1.1m.

The car was the highlight of the auction house's August 8 sale at the legendary Nurburgring racetrack.

Ferrari F40 Coys
There are 1,300 Ferrari F40s extant

The 1992-built car boasts just 4,897 miles on the clock and has been kept in controlled conditions throughout its lifespan.

The F40 has historically been among the least desirable models in Ferrari's stable, due in part to its high production numbers and lumpen looks, although that seems to be changing.

The Chris Routledge, of Coys commented: "The record Ferrari F40 is a remarkable achievement which we are really happy with.

"This is one of the last privately owned, one owner from new F40s in the world and we were entrusted with its sale by the Italian family who bought it."

Other high profile lots included a 2000 Ford GT that sold for $250,960.

The model is among the most important racing cars of all time. This limited edition reissue was released to commemorate the company's 100th anniversary in 2003.

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