Fancy commissioning your own Ferrari design?

Earlier this year, a one-of-a-kind 'Chinese Ferrari' re-designed by China's leading artist Lu Hao sold for a remarkable $1.77m.

However, Hao's design was limited to painting the bodywork and a few minor modifications.

For Swiss coachbuilder Franco Sbarro, this clearly isn't enough if the latest in his line of modified Ferraris - the bizarrely named Sbarro Lista Office - is anything to go by.

The Sbarro Lista Office: another eccentric Ferrari redesign by France Sbarro
The Sbarro Lista Office: another eccentric Ferrari redesign by France Sbarro

Critics are sure of two things: firstly, it doesn't look very much like the 1980s Testarossa on which it is based, and secondly, it isn't to everyone's tastes.

This is Sbarro's latest offering since his Alcador series, featuring another modified Testarossa (debuted at the 1995 Geneva salon), the 348-engined Alcador GTB (which appeared at Geneva in 2008) and the Palexpo the following year.

A Swiss collector named Lienhard reportedly commissioned Sbarro to craft him one more example, which was unveiled last weekend at the Essen tuner exhibition in Germany.

The car is apparently crafted around the '80s-era Testarossa, containing its 450hp 5-litre boxer 12 engine somewhere within the vehicles torpedo-like silver body.

Whatever you may thing about the car's appearance - and it's difficult not to have an opinion - it is the only one of its kind, and undoubtedly worth a lot of money.


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