Drag and concept racers net almost $7m

RM's recent Icons of Speed and Style auction in Los Angeles featured a number of the most unique and defining cars in the sport of drag racing.

The biggest sale was "The Little Red Wagon" - a 1965 Dodge A100 Pickup Truck which sold for $550,000, almost twice its pre-auction estimate.

The Little Red Wagon was drag racing's first full-time exhibition act, and has thrilled racing crowds for nearly 40 years. On one occasion, driver Bill "Maverick" Golden rode it a quarter mile will the wheels up in the mid-to-11 second range.

1965 Dodge A100 Pickup Truck, 1965 Dodge A100 Pickup Truck, "Little Red Wagon", sold for $550,000

Another drag racing legend to go under the hammer was the unmistakable 1965 Dodge Deora Concept Car, which sold for $324,500 in front of a rapturous audience.

Many would recognise the Detroit-built Deora from the Hot Wheels range of toy cars released by Mattel. It remains the company's highest-selling toy.

The incredible auction collection was assembled by a private, single collector; including 80 historic vehicles and 70 lots of memorabilia.

The 1965 Dodge Deora Concept Car
The 1965 Dodge Deora Concept Car, sold for $324,500

The top ten sales were:

  • 1965 Dodge A100 Pickup Truck "Little Red Wagon", $550,000
  • 1965 Dodge Deora Concept Car, $324,500
  • "Spirit of 76" Bonneville Streamliner, $275,000
  • 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS6 Convertible, $264,000
  • 1961 Chevrolet "Big John" Mazmanian Corvette Drag Racing Car, $247,500
  • 1940 Ford Valley Custom Convertible Coupe, $231,000
  • 1929 Ford Flathead "22 Jr." Drag Roadster, $220,000
  • 1932 Ford Khougaz Lakes Roadster, $214,500
  • 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona (Cotton Owens/Buddy Baker), $214,500
  • 1951 Ford Tom Beatty Belly-Tank Lakester, $209,000.

In total, the sale brought $6,905,952 and drew an enthusiastic, standing-only crowd. Many cars sold within their pre-auction estimates, with others selling for more than anticipated.

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