'DeLorean for sale!' - the Top Five auctioned DMC-12 cars by Paul Fraser Collectibles

Today, the DMC-12 remains one of the most distinctive cars of the 1980s - thanks in no small part to the ever-popular Back to the Future movie trilogy.

To celebrate this unique classic car, here is paul Fraser Collectibles top five...

Delorean for sale

#5 1981 Delorean DMC-12 with low mileage - $16,750

Despite the DeLorean DMC-12's undisputed status as a 20th century automotive icon, it remains a relatively cult concern compared to other leading collectible marques (such as Ferraris). For this reason, examples of the DMC-12 can be acquired at lower prices.

Like this example: an original 1981 Delorean DMC-12 with just 3,500 miles on the clock from new. The motor appeared for sale in Michigan in 2008, and rolled off the auction block for just $16,750.

The condition and limited status of this car means it could be worth significantly more today.


#4 Marvin Tamaroff's 1981 DeLorean DMC12 - $23,100

Having been the owner of a DeLorean dealership, Marvin Tamaroff felt it was fitting that he should personally own one. Today his DMC12 is in virtually flawless showroom-new condition and sold for $23,100 at Vintage Motor Cars At Meadow Brook Hall in 2007.

The production version of this car, the DMC-12, debuted in 1981 to much hype - pushing its price up to the levels normally paid for Porsches - but mixed reviews. After only three model years, financial difficulties, build quality issues, political issues and controversy plagued DeLorean.

DCM closed down before it had a chance to produce 10,000 cars, of which this was one. Despite its problems, the car remains as novel now as it was then. Features on this model include Lotus designed chassis, a Craig stereo and, of course, Brushed Grade 304 stainless-steel panels.

Delorean prototype

#3 1976 DeLorean DMC-12 Original Prototype - $110,000

In 1973, John Z DeLorean walked away from his illustrious executive career at General Motors - and a presumed inevitable rise to GM presidency - to form the DeLorean Motor Company. His goal was to achieve 'automotive perfection'.

DeLorean's first step was to hire the celebrated designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, formerly of Bertone and Ghia, considered the most successful and innovative stylist of the era at his own firm, Italdesign. The result of their meeting was a futuristic stainless steel sports coupe...

The DeLorean caused a sensation when first shown to the public at the Detroit Auto Show in January, 1977. The final design familiar to car lovers stemmed from this 1976 prototype, which itself starred on various magazine covers.

The car's initial price of $12,000 would more than double by the time of the car's initial release. With doors, nose and wheels which differ to later models, this prototype sold for $110,000 at the Monterey Sports & Classic Car Auction in 2007.

Delorean time machine replica

#2 Back to the Future Delorean time machine replica - $112,920

Have you ever wondered what happened to the DeLoreans used in the original Back To The Future films? Of the seven used only three survived, and only one of these is in private hands. One can be seen at Universal Studios.

For people of a certain age, the chance to own an original Delorean DMC-12 from the Back to the Future trilogy is slim - if not an impossibility. Hence the massive price this lovingly-built replica attracted when it auctioned earlier this year.

In the end, a faithful replica of the film series' iconic Delorean car time machine, used by teenager Marty McFly (played by Michael J Fox) to visit his parents in 1955, took top honours in the auction, rolling to $112,920.

#1 The 'Wild West' DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future Part III - est: $400,000-600,000

This DeLorean hasn't auctioned yet, that happens in December. But it gets a special mention because auctioneer Profiles in History is very confident that it will meet its "conservative" $400,000-600,000 estimate and take the top spot in our list.

And who can blame them? Of the seven cars originally used in the classic Back to the Future film trilogy, this is one only three extant. Discovered in the collection of a wealthy private collection, proceeds from its sale will go towards Parkinson's charities in honour of actor Michael J Fox.

Fans will recognise this DeLorean from the film trilogy's third episode. It has various 1950s modifications which enables time traveller Marty McFly (played by Fox) to travel back to Wild West year 1885 to rescue his friend Doc Brown.

Bearing in mind that a mere replica of the time machine sold for $112,920 (see #2 above) this sale is sure to be a success later this year - and will also benefit a good cause.


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