Delahaye 135 Torpedo Roadster sets new world record

A 1937 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Torpedo Roadster by Figoni et Falaschi has sold for $6.6m at RM Auctions, a new record for the marque.

The car was built in France in 1936 and is one of only 30 competition court chassis produced that year.

1937 Delahaye Roadster Torpedo
The 1937 Delahaye 135 Competition Court Torpedo Roadster has set a new record for the marque

Delahaye used it as a show car, commissioning the coachwork from renowned makers Figoni et Falaschi - a company known for its flamboyant and eccentric designs.

It was exhibited widely, appearing in such events as the Saint Cloud Gardenia Concours d'Elegance in Paris, and in 1939 it was shipped to the US.

The car passed through a handful of owners up until 1964, when it was bought by the late car dealer and philanthropist Malcom Pray.

It formed the centrepiece of his collection and sold on March 8 to benefit the Pray Achievement Center in New York.

A 1958 BMW 507 Series II Roadster, also from the Pray collection, made $2.4m.

BMW produced the 507 especially for the American market as a cheaper alternative to the classic 300 SL.

Only 251 examples of the 507 were produced, as the cost of shipping the cars from Germany to the US proved astronomical, resulting in major financial losses for BMW.

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