Jay Leno is one of the world's great car collectors, and famously stores them in a 17,000 square foot garage.

Now, after 17 years presenting his late evening Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the host is set to make his first foray into prime time - and his love of classic automobiles is set to play a big part.

The Jay Leno Show will include a competitive car feature not dissimilar to the BBC programme Top Gear's 'Star in a reasonably priced car.'

"We put a race track behind the studio and we're going to do a green car challenge where we have celebrities in green cars race and see who's the fastest.

"And if some of them crash and burn," Leno told the local State of Utah US broadcaster KSL.

Leno's conversation with KSL turned to one of the state's famous vehicle, Utah's Mormon Meteor - and the revelation that he once nearly bought it.

He couldn't buy the car - the owner wanted to keep it in Utah - but did sit in the driver's seat and rev the engine.

"I don't know what the equivalent would be. Maybe hitting a home run at Yankee stadium or something like that"

"I'm a motor sports guy, so in the annuls of motor sports history, that's one of the most legendary vehicles there is. So it was a thrill," he said.

The Jay Leno Show debuts on US network NBC on Monday, September 14.

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