Aston Martin Le Mans prototype makes $902,000 at Bonhams

A 1949 Aston Martin DB Le Mans prototype led Bonhams' Goodwood Festival of Speed auction at the famous racetrack.

It realised £679,100 ($902,422) when it crossed the block in the June 24 sale.

Aston Martin DB
The 1949 Aston Martin DB prototype was designed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race

The car was one of three designed especially for the 1949 24 Hours race, where it achieved a solid seventh place.

It was competed regularly up until it was retired in 1971.

The model is built on a very lightweight frame and is the sole survivor to feature a Claude Hill-designed four cylinder engine.

The fact that it is in original condition was a huge bonus for buyers, as it offers the rare chance to undertake a restoration project.

It even includes seals and other accoutrements from its Le Mans days.

As Bonhams stated: "This purchase opportunity may never - ever - recur..."

Soft-porn publisher Paul Raymond's raunchy number plate realised an impressive £152,750 ($202,844).

It reads "FU 2", the implications of which we will let our readers deduce for themselves.

Tim Schofield of Bonhams explained to the Daily Star: "It is certainly something a bit different…

"Like an interesting Rolls-Royce which was once worth £25,000 and is now worth £250,000, there has always been a market for early or interesting plates and values have risen over the years."

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