$66k 1950s Packard shines at car auction

Toronto's Classic Car Auction passed off smoothly at the weekend. Although no estimates were given for the cars, and many were sold without reserve, they generally sold for good prices.

The little red arrow-head that is a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette sold for C$37,400 (US$34,782).* While the 1941 Packard 110 Convertible - Packard's venture into affordable car territory - sold for US$35,000.

A more luxurious Packard, the 1954 Packard Carribean Convertible achieved an impressive US$66,000.

The lowest of those we looked at was the imposing black Cadillac 62 Sedanette from 1946 which sold for a reasonable C$31,900 (US$29,667).

Moving towards the higher end, the shiny steel 1931 Ford Roadster Hot Rod (a very early Hot Rod) sold for $45,000, while the all-time classic which so impressed Enzo Ferrari, the Jaguar E-type (or XKE), was driven home for C$61,000 (US$56,730).

1953 Monarch Convertible
1953 Monarch Convertible

Perhaps patriotism influenced another top sale - or maybe not, it's a lovely car. The locally-built Banff Blue Mercury Monarch Convertible sold for a full C$70,000 (US$65,100).

All-in-all, an impressive weekend for Dan Splendick and his team in Ontario.

* Prices are shown in a mixture of US and Canadian dollars, to reflect in-house and online winning bids.

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