€500k for the 'last' Chequered Flag Team racer

A superb 1974 Lancia Stratos, formerly the racing weapon of the Chequered Flag Team, has emerged on the private car collectors' market.

For racing nostalgia buffs, the automobile boasts all of the latest technological evolutions available in the 1970s, including a Racing Dog gearbox, limited slip differential and other features.

The 1974 Lancia Stratos Group 4, priced €500,000

Beneath the Stratos Group 4 24v Rally Coupe's bonnet is a restored 24-valve version of the Ferrari engine, capable of producing 293 bhp.

The car was not only the last Stratos used by the legendary Chequered Flag Team, but also the 'ultimate Stratos' of four rally coupes run by the old Chiswick Road sportscar garage - major entrants in 1960s-80s international motor sport.

This was the last Stratos used by the legendary Chequered Flag Team

This fiery racer from a bygone age will be seriously sought-after among collectors, investors and enthusiasts.

It is presently for sale in France, priced at valuable €500,000 (approximately £432,152 or $678,479).

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