$40k classic Dodge rolls into Detroit

Following its Friday night sale of antiques and collectibles, including a number of vintage firearms, on March 12, Detroit auction house DuMouchelles will continue into Saturday with a bona fide automobile classic from the mid-'90s.

DuMouchelles' Saturday sale will feature a plethora of antique furniture and decorative arts from the estate of the wealthy Detroit collector.

The 1995 Dodge Viper, estimated at $35,000-40,000

Among the big highlights is a first-generation Dodge Viper from 1995.

Most people can recognise the Viper, which has achieved fame and ubiquity thanks to its minimal and muscular styling and high performance.

People often forget that Carroll Shelby himself was involved in the early stages of designing the Viper, which was initially conceived as a historical take on the classic American sportscar.

The Viper was originally a tribute to the 'classic American sportscar'

A decade and a half after it was built this Viper is now an American classic in its own right.

The Viper will auction at DuMouchelles in Detroit on March 13 with an estimate of $35,000-40,000.

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