€260k vintage Bugatti graces Paris auction

Among the vintage automotive highlights at the Retromobile auction - to be held in Paris at the earlier date of 23 January 2010 - will be the 1929 Bugatti Type 44 'Fiacre' Coupé.

The Type 44 was key to establishing Ettore Bugatti's unrivalled reputation for building cars with outstanding performance on road or track.

By the early 1930s, the world's greatest racing drivers were enjoying countless successes with products from Bugatti's By Molsheim factory, often choosing them for their everyday transport.

The 1929 Bugatti Type 44 'Fiacre' Coupé (€220k-260k)

The Type 44 was introduced in 1927 and is considered to be the finest touring Bugatti of the 1920s. It lasted in production until 1931.

Only 1,095 were built, of which around 10% survive today.

The model was powered by Bugatti's classic single-overhead-cam straight eight engine, one of the most famous automobile power units of all time.

Its twin-block, three-valves-per-cylinder, single-plug engine displaced 2,991cc and produced approximately 80bhp - an output good enough for a top speed of over 75mph.

They don't make 'em like this anymore: the Bugatti's vintage interior

Chassis number 441193 features Jean (eldest son of Ettore) Bugatti's splendid factory-built 'Fiacre' two-door four-seat coupé coachwork, a design that was one of his personal favourites.

The car will be sold with a detailed report compiled in 2003 by independent Bugatti consultant, David Sewell. It reveals, among other details, factory records stating that the car was completed on November 27, 1929.

It will be sold with an estimate of €220,000-260,000.

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