1983 Harrods Range Rover offered in UK sale

A 1983 Harrods edition Range Rover will star in Historics at Brooklands’ May 20 auction at Ascot in Berkshire.

The four-door model features a luxurious interior by Surrey based maker Wood & Picket.

Harrods Range Rover

The luxury Range Rover features an interior by Wood & Picket

The coachwork is a deep olive green, with “Harrods Knightsbridge” hand-painted on the bonnet.

It was originally sold for £33,500 ($43,363) in the 1980s, a huge sum at the time.

The model was marketed primarily at buyers in the Middle East. That’s where most of these Range Rovers ended up.

Very few remained in the UK. In fact, this is believed to be the sole surviving right hand drive specimen.

It retains all of its original features, down to the top-end eight track stereo system and Betamax VCR.

The auction house expects it to bring around £29,000-37,000 ($37,538-47,894).

Range Rovers are soaring in popularity with collectors, as it is increasingly being recognised as a modern British design classic.

In 2014, the first Range Rover off the production line (made in 1970) sold for a record £132,000 ($170,866).

As one of the rarest specimens produced by the marque, this Harrods collaboration is likely to attract significant interest.

Spokesman Mathew Priddy told the Daily Express: "It is a sure-fire investment as it is believed to be the only right-hand drive model remaining, having travelled an average of less than 1,000 miles a year since 1983."

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