1950 Healey Silverstone race car leads sale with 18% increase on estimate

A 1950 Healey Silverstone race car was the headline lot of Silverstone Auctions' July 26-27 sale at the legendary UK track.

It smashed through an estimate of £180,000 ($305,667) to take £212,750 ($361,282) - an increase of 18.1%.

Healey Silverstone auction
The Healey Silverstone was designed to cost less than £1,000 ($1,698)

The Silverstone, one of only 105 ever made, was designed to get around a tax increase on luxury cars costing over £1,000 ($1,698) and was sold for a fraction under that figure.

Today it's known as one of the most effective track cars of its era, capable of speeds over 100mph, but was just as comfortable on the road - making it a popular choice with amateur racers.

An Aston Martin DB6 Mk.1 made £184,000 ($312,460), a 2.2% increase on a £180,000 ($305,667) estimate.

The model was the last in the iconic DB line and is considered by many to be the most effective distillation of power and design that the marque ever produced.

It was upgraded to Vantage specification during the mid 1980s, with the result that the engine is made up of higher spec components than a standard model.

Other lots in the sale include a 1962 Marcos GT Xylon, which was the first car driven by Sir Jackie Stewart. It sold for a solid £41,975 ($71,280).

We have this racing jacket, worn by the legendary actor and race driver Paul Newman.

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