11 cars wrecked by pensioner

It can be tricky to maintain classic cars in pristine condition. They can get scuffed or rusty quite quickly if their owner is careless.

Or if the owner is really careless, they can get written off pretty much instantly.

A businessman from Florida has achieved fame - or notoriety - by crashing an impressive sequence of cars most people wouldn't be able to afford.

These include a Bugatti EB110, a rare Ford Indigo Concept, a very rare Yenko Camaro, two Caterhams and a Westfield sports car.

Not wishing to be limited to modern classics, he also damaged a vintage 1909 Model T Ford.

But it's Ferraris that have suffered the most: two 360 Spyders, a 355 Spyder, a 430 and a classic Ferrari Dino have all been clattered by reckless driving.

Ferrari 360 Spyder damaged
Wrecked Ferrari 360 Spyder
(Click to enlarge)

Last month we referred to a Lotus which had been seriously damaged by joyriders, but in this case the damage was all due to the owner and he is not a young hothead but a not-so-wise 73 year old.

Idiotic driving like this makes classic car collectors wince, as many wouldn't risk taking their cars out of the garage except for the most special of occasions. Some of these automobiles are very rare, especially ones in decent condition.

Of course, the flipside is that any collector owning a very rare car of one of the same types as this man is crashing, their pride and joy is likely to get more valuable.

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