WWII US naval dispatch announcing war's end makes $20,500

A US naval dispatch declaring the end of WWII has sold for $20,500 at an auction in Pennsylvania, US.

The dispatch, sent by President Harry S Truman's navy secretary Cordell Hull on August 15, 1945, was received on board the USS Holland, a support ship in the Pacific.

WWII naval dispatch
The $20,500 naval dispatch is believed unique

"All hands of the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard may take satisfaction in the conclusion of the war against Japan," it read.

The message was consigned by the son of Admiral FC Denebrink's personal secretary.

"The Admiral turned to my father and handed him the original transmission saying, 'you keep this Bob it will give you something to remember this day for the rest of your life' and he did," said the consigner.

"To my knowledge it is the only original of its kind in private hands anywhere in the world."

The unique nature of the item helped it achieve considerably more than the £2,400 ($3,770) one of several extant telegrams announcing the WWI armistice made in April 2009.

The auction house's Greg Lefchak told news channel WNEP that the winning bidder "was really excited. He was going home with this no matter what. He wanted to know who was bidding against him, and I said 'in the back'. He said 'they're not getting it. I'm taking it home'."

The auction took place on VJ day (August 15), 67 years to the day the dispatch was sent.

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