Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan makes $18,000

A rare first edition copy of Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan, the famous political treatise, made $18,000 at PBA Galleries' fine and rare books sale on September 26.

Hobbes Leviathan PBA
The book was written during the English civil war

The book dates to 1651 and was written during the English civil war. It codifies Hobbes' doctrine that a centralised government is necessary to counteract the natural state of "the war of all against all".

A copy of The Commentaries of Caesar, circa 1753 and translated by William Duncan, achieved a price of $10,200.

William Morris' The Life and Death of Jason, a Poem was another highlight, selling for $8,400 against an estimate of $2,500-3,500.

We have a wide selection of books available, including this limited edition signed copy of Virginia Woolf's Orlando.

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