Robert Crum complete set featured in PBA Galleries sale

A complete 17-volume set of Robert Crum's Crum Comics is to feature in PBA Galleries' Beats, Counterculture and the Avant Garde auction in San Francisco on April 10.

The lot is valued at $3,000-5,000.

The volumes feature almost every comic ever produced by the groundbreaking and subversive cartoonist and were released from 1987 up until 2007.

Crumb Comics PBA Galleries
The 17 volume collection features nearly every comic Crumb ever published

Crumb left his job at a greeting card company in Cleveland for countercultural mecca San Francisco after he dropped acid for the first time in 1966.

His first strips were published in various underground newspapers. By 1968, he had his own publication, Zap Comix, which showcased the work of various artists.

In February, a three page original story that was printed in one of the earliest editions of Zap Comix sold for $75,000 at Heritage Auctions.

A first edition copy of Hells Angels (1967), Hunter S Thompson's incendiary expose of the notorious biker gang, is valued at $700-1,000.

Thompson lived with the Angels for over a year but the relationship soured after he objected to a biker beating his wife and was "stomped" by several members of the gang.

The book was well received and achieved both public acclaim and condemnation. It paved the way for Thompson's development of "Gonzo journalism", which places the writer at the centre of the narrative.

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