Rare Dmitri Mendeleev manuscript 'with chemistry content' sells online

Whether you loved or loathed studying the periodic table of elements at school, here's the man you have to thank: Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev.

A small piece of Mendeleev's significant legacy is set to find a new home in an upcoming online auction. Bids have reached $6,116 at the time of writing.

The handwritten autographed manuscript letter is signed "D. Mendeleef" in black ink. Written in French, the letter is datelined St Petersburg, 25 November 1888.

"Sir! Allow me to thank you for sending me Remsen's book … 'Introduction to the Study of the Compounds of Carbon," writes Mendeleev.

Rare Dmitri Mendeleev manuscript
Mendeleev's rare autographed letter

"The elements of organic chemistry are represented in such a new way … verify if I can get the rights to translate into other languages…"

Letters scribed by history's most important scientists are especially popular among collectors. Market blue chips include Albert Einstein.

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According to the condition report on Mendeleev's 1888 letter, there is significant chipping and some paper loss to the page's edges. However, Dmitri's handwriting on the 8.5" x 11" letter "remains quite clear and legible" says the auctioneer.

With its condition billed as "very good" - and bearing in mind that letters by Mendeleev are quite scarce, especially with chemistry content - bids on this letter should continue to rise.

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