Rare 'Antiphonal Dominican' book of Gregorian chants triples auction estimate

Religion is never far from the auction block - especially the sale of coveted rare Bibles on the rare book markets. But here's an alternative religious book which auctioned to collectors in Versailles over the weekend (February 11).

The book is an original copy of the Antiphonal Dominican dated to 1270-1280. It was originally made for the Dominicans or Order of Preachers (OP), the Catholic order founded by St Dominic, the patron saint of astronomy, in 1215.

The antiphonal is a songbook, originally created for singing the Divine Office in Gregorian chant in accordance with the Dominican musical tradition.

The book includes celebratory chants in honour of St Dominic on pages 145, 194 and 212. St Augustine is also honoured in the antiphonal in pages 222 through to 232. Also included are celebrations for the Easter Season.

As with all the finest collectible religious texts, the Antiphonal Dominican is adorned with beautiful designs - in this case filigree initials in red and blue.


Antiphonal Dominicans or Order of Preachers book410.jpga
The rare Antiphonal Dominican song book dated to 1270-1280

Needless to say, religion is a big draw at the world's top auctions. This copy of the Antiphonal Dominican appeared with a €4,500-5,000 presale estimate. In the end, the book more than tripled its estimate to bring €15,000 ($19,852). It remains a remarkable piece of Dominican history.

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