Original Flash Gordon art realises $155,500 at Heritage

The original comic strip art for an edition of Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim (1939) has sold for $155,350 at Heritage Auctions.

The sale took place in Dallas on May 28-30.

Alex raymond Flash
The Flash Gordon strip is from the 13th episode in the series

The lot is drawn from the Ice Kingdom of Mondo episode, the 13th in the series, and is hand drawn by artist's artist Alex Raymond.

Heritage comments: "This 13th Flash Gordon storyline has long been a fan favorite, and the artwork for this Sunday is simply breathtaking.

"It's interesting to note that Fria's "side bun" hairstyle makes her look remarkably similar to Princess Leia in the first Star Wars movie.

"Whether this strip served as inspiration or not, Raymond's strip undoubtedly influenced the iconography of American science fiction."

Flash Gordon first appeared as a weekly strip in tabloid newspapers during the early 1930s and was later made into a wildly popular feature film.

A page of original art for a 1909 edition of Little Nemo in Slumberland sold for $131,450.

The series ran in the New York Herald from 1905-1911. Created by artist Winsor McKay, it features groundbreaking experimentation and proved hugely influential on subsequent generations of comic book artists.

Chuck Jones, the legendary Warner Brothers animator, once said: "The two most important people in animation are Winsor McCay and Walt Disney. I'm not sure who should go first."

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