John C Wise comic book collection to cross block at ComicConnect

A comic book collection accumulated by San Diego insurance executive John C Wise is to cross the block at ComicConnect on June 3.

Over 200 comics are offered including key issues ranging from a 9.2-graded Flash Comics #1, appearing with an opening bid of $91,000, to a 7.0-graded Action Comics #1 that stands at $74,000.

Flash comics Wise
Wise's copy of Flash Comics #1 features the first appearance of The Flash and is the second highest graded example

ComicConnect explained how after a childhood spent assembling a formidable collection, Wise's love of comics resurfaced later in life.

"Flush with his first real disposable income as an adult, he reconnected with his childhood and reclaimed many of his past treasures," said the company.

"He explored new passions and undiscovered rarities.

"The passion, dedication, and heart of collectors like John have helped keep the art of comics alive; preserving an art form that otherwise may have been destined to oblivion or obscurity."

Comic books from the medium's golden age regularly achieve phenomenal sums at auction due to their near wide appeal and the extreme rarity of the highest graded specimens.  

In 2011, a 9.0-graded copy of Action Comics #1 made a comic book world record $2.1m at Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

Wise told the U-T San Diego, a local newspaper: "On June 3rd I'll be right here. And on June 4th, I'll be real happy or real sad or somewhere in between."

You can check out our range of books and manuscripts here.

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