JK Rowling's Harry Potter chair expected to beat $45,000

The chair JK Rowling sat on while writing the first two Harry Potter books is valued in excess of $45,000 at Heritage Auctions.

It's likely to reach around $100,000 in the April 6 sale, which will be held in New York.

Harry Potter chair
JK Rowling was given the chair when she moved into her Edinburgh council flat in 1995 

Rowling originally donated the chair for a 2002 charity auction, where it sold for £15,000 ($23,475). In 2009 it made £19,555 on eBay - resulting in growth of 3.8% per annum.  

She embellished it with the words "I wrote Harry Potter while sitting on this chair."

A letter accompanying the lot explains that it was one of four given to her when she moved into her council flat in Edinburgh.

James Gannon of Heritage Auctions comments: "For me, what's important about the chair is that [Rowling] basically created a unique artwork that's self-reflexive. It's all about her creation.

"There's not that much in Harry Potter world that's very valuable or very rare because the books were so big so quickly, so after the first couple of books, the first editions were quite large, and I think, by the end, they were printing like 8m or 10m copies of the first edition."

Pieces of furniture associated with authors have been offered in the past.

The desk Charles Dickens used to write Great Expectations sold for £433,250 (then around $850,000) in a 2008 auction.

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