Jack London's houseboy diary to make $12,000?

A diary kept by author Jack London's houseboy, Yoshimatsu Nakata, in 1915 is to auction at PBA Galleries.

The book will headline an auction of memorabilia pertaining to London in San Francisco on June 25.

It's expected to make $8,000-12,000.

Jack London PBA
Jack London was a groundbreaking American author

It dates to the year London, along with his wife, travelled to Hawaii. He would die less than a year later on the porch of his ranch in California.  

Nakata had served the Londons since the early 1900s and built a strong bond with them.

However, the auction house explains: "It was in Honolulu that Jack London's good will and role as a benefactor towards Nakata was to boomerang against him - the education he had helped pay for led Nakata to seek greener pastures in Hawaii, and he resigned to go to dental school, spending the remainder of his life as a dentist in Honolulu.

"Nakata had served the Londons in various capacities from 1907 to 1915, having first been hired when Jack and Charmian were in Hawaii while cruising aboard the Snark…

"The diary forms an important parallel source for the period covered, and a translation will undoubtedly provide key information and added perspective to the final full year of Jack London's life."

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