11 years ago, Emily Gibbon received a 1st edition of the second Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Although she hadn't met J K Rowling herself, there was a personal message from the author, thanks to Emily's Aunt, who had managed to tell Rowling about how completely she had fallen in love with the first book.

Underneath the dedication (to "Sean P.F. Harris, getaway driver and foulweather friend") is written in blue pen:

"To Emily, I am very flattered to hear how much you liked Harry 1 - hope this one doesn't disappoint, JK Rowling".

Since the message was written, many millions worldwide have joined Emily in her enthusiasm for the books, so much so that the book, which is still in excellent condition, is now worth 200 times what it cost to buy.

First editions of well-loved books are often valuable, and autographed ones more so, even if as in this case, J K Rowling is very much still capable of signing many more things yet.

However, with autographs the signature itself is often just the start.

This book holds an immense personal value because of the personal message which makes it unique, and roots it in a time when, although Harry Potter was already a success, the books were not the worldwide phenomenon they now are and Rowling was not famous.

The sale will take place on September 16.

Now 21, Emily herself remains an enthusiastic fan of Harry Potter - and J K Rowling.

"I haven't been lucky enough to meet her - I'd like to meet her just to say thank you." 


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