George S Patton signed letter (1885-1945) (PF3)

Patton starts the letter "I was delighted to get your letter" and continues "I'm sure that you will be happy to know that the French and ourselves are very intimate" and Patton goes on to say "I have not met here any girls as charming as you and your sister"

Patton compliments Ms Miner on her English whilst joking at his own lack of command of the French language "I am sure that if you had not been such a clever girl you would not have understood me, particularly when I wrote"

The letter measures 8 x 10.5inches and is dated January 23, 1943 and bears a clean and crisp Patton signature.

George S Patton

The date is a significant one in World War II history.

As Patton wrote the letter Montgomery's 8th Army captured Tripoli, in Libya, from the German-Italian Panzer Army.

And the Battle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse, an engagement between United States and Imperial Japanese forces, ended in the hills near the Matanikau River with a US victory.

Also on January 23, 1943, Australian and American forces finally defeat the Japanese army in Papua. This turning point in the Pacific War marked the beginning of the end of Japanese aggression.

All letters tell a story and, for collectors, the events surrounding them are essential to their appeal and value.

It was in World War II that Patton made his mark, commanding both corps and armies as a General in North Africa, Sicily, and the European Theater of Operations.

Signed personal correspondence from such a senior figure, at such an important time of the War, is very rare.

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