Dr Benjamin Rush's Sermons to auction for $30,000

A first edition copy of Dr Benjamin Rush's Sermons to Gentleman upon Temperance and Exercise (1772) is to auction on February 27.

The lot will headline the sale of rare golf books and memorabilia, which will include items from the collections of Louis Weinstein and Richard E Donovan, at PBA Galleries in San Francisco.

Benjamin Rush golf book
The book was written by US founding father Dr Benjamin Rush

It is estimated to make $20,000-30,000.

The book is notable for containing the first known reference to golf in an American publication, and offers a helpful explanation for readers: "Golf is an exercise which is much used by the Gentlemen in Scotland. A large common in which there are several little holes is chosen for the purpose.

"It is played with little leather balls stuffed with feathers; and sticks made somewhat in the form of a bandy-wicket. He who puts a ball into a given number of holes, with the fewest strokes, gets the game."

Rush (1746-1813) was a US founding father and led the early development of psychiatry in America.

A first edition of James Cundell's Rules of The Thistle Golf Club; with Some Historical Notices Relative to the Progress of the Game of Golf in Scotland (1824) is valued at $15,000-25,000.

The book is the first to be devoted entirely to golf, and features a wealth of historical information on the origins of the sport.

We have Frank Sinatra's personal golf bag for sale.

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