Dali's Don Quichotte lithographs estimated at $35,000

Pages choisies de Don Quichotte de la Mancha, featuring lithographs by Salvador Dali, is to top a sale at Swann Auction Galleries in New York on October 1 with a $25,000-35,000 estimate.  

The 1957 book is numbered 20 of 25 numbered copies from a total edition of 197, and includes 12 images by the famous surrealist.

Dali lithograph Quichotte
Dali created the lithographs for the French translation of Don Quixote in 1957

Dali had worked as an illustrator on a number of projects, but this was the first time he had seriously experimented with lithography.

The prints were enormously complex, requiring six separate printers, leading him to refer to them as "the lithographies of the century."

The book includes a record of his methods, featuring the line: "to outline the sails of the mills, the artist stuffed a rhino horn with bread and dipped in ink this monstrous quill..."

Poemes de Mao Tse-Toung, translated by Professor Ho Ju with illustrations by Dali, is valued at $15,000-25,000.

The 1967 work was released in an edition of 10 and features a set of eight heliogravures, which are signed in pencil.

Last year a copy of Comte de Lautreamont's prose poem Les Chants Del Moldorer, illustrated by Dali, made £65,000 ($104,834) at Roseberry's in London.

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