It's the ultimate irony, superheroes determined to battle crime getting dragged into the drug trade.

Two brothers, Aaron and Alfonso Castro, who are thought to have distributed millions of dollars' worth of crystal meth, appear to have been laundering their cash by buying up rare comic books.

Half a million dollars' worth of comics were confiscated from the drug ring, according to Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, including first edition copies of Superman and Batman, in protective sheaths. One of the comics is worth $3,500.

"To launder the money you have to use something that is quick and convenient, and in this case, they used classic comic books." he commented.

The brothers, working out of a city named after another fictional being: Phoenix, Arizona, are thought to have sourced their methamphetamine in Mexico. But it was police in Denver, Colorado where much of the drug was sold that broke up the ring, which involved 41 people.

Denver has a drug habit, and used to have endless meth labs producing the substance, but police have cracked down on local supply, so the demand brings supply in from elsewhere.

Comic book fans should take note: since the comics were bought rather than returnable stolen property, it is possible that police will hold an auction at some point. If it is announced, we will let you know. 


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