Collection of the 'The Father of Greater New York' will auction in the US

This could be one of the greatest New York-themed auctions to emerge in recent times: an "absolutely unreserved sale" of the Green Family Estate, including Andrew H Green otherwise known as "The Father of Greater New York."

A lawyer, city planner, civic leader and agitator for reform, Green (1820-1903, pictured top right) worked for five decades towards the betterment of New York and its citizens. Among his great achievements was bringing together the five boroughs which today still comprise today's New York City.

Green can also be credited for the enormous and diverse population which characterises the city. During his lifetime, his efforts were key to New York being recognised as the "World's second city" behind London in 1898.

The Green Family's property in Worcester, Massachusetts

He also played a prominent role in guiding the financial hand of the city away from the corrupt ring of politicians, including William Magear Tweed, which nearly bankrupted New York City before being exposed in 1871.

RW Oliver's auction of the Green Family Estate will include the personal property of 10 generations of Thomas Green's (b. 1640) kin - over 2,000 lots. The prestigious family was based in New York City and also Worcester, Massachusetts.

Among the exceptional collectibles for sale will be one of just 13 known copies of George Washington's Last Will & Testament by Isaiah Thomas Jr, dated to February 1800, and early Presidential letters including by Jefferson and Madison, with some even featuring Marilyn Monroe.

George Washington's Last Will & Testament, by Isaiah Thomas Jr
(top left); and letters featuring various US Presidents and Marilyn
Monroe (bottom)

The presidential letters should be of particular interest if you're looking to build a political portfolio of autographs: always a great way for collectors to strengthen an investment. You can see another example of a very investible political autographs portfolio here.

Meanwhile, for now, Andrew H Green's legacy lives on. Earlier this year the City of New York decided to acknowledge Green and his achievements by dedicating 1 1/2 acres of land and 4 1/2 million dollars to build a park in his memory - so this could be a great time to invest in his memory.

RW Oliver's auctioneers is based in Kennebunk, Maine. Its auction is scheduled to take place on September 9, 10 and 11.


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