Charles Bukowski short story beats estimate by 80%

Charles Bukowski's typed original manuscript for an early short story led a sale dedicated to his work on July 14.

The lot had originally been valued at $5,000, but sold for $9,000 at PBA Galleries - achieving an increase of 80%.

Bukowski Carl Larson
The text features original drawings by Bukowski

Titled A Dollar for Carl Larsen, it relates an encounter with a woman at a racetrack. It was written in 1957, while Bukowski was living in Los Angeles with his first wife, and has never been published.

In addition, it features three original ink drawings.

Bukowski had returned to writing just two years earlier following a long hiatus, a period he later referred to as a "10 year drunk".

This new outpouring of creativity appears to have been triggered by his hospitalisation in 1955 for a bleeding ulcer that nearly killed him.

The work showcases Bukowski's development as a writer, featuring some of the themes and tropes that would inspire him throughout his life.

He would go on to publish his first collection of poetry; Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail, in 1960.

A rare copy of Bukowski's The Genius of the Crowd (1965) realised $6,000.

It was printed in a run of 103 copies at the Asphodel Bookshop in Cleveland , Ohio and includes woodcut prints by a local artist.

There are few extant copies of the book as the majority were destroyed in a police raid on the premises.

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