Captain America movie costume to defeat all the rest at film memorabilia auction

For a patriotic American comic book fan, it's a dream come true: A major auction of props including vehicles and costumes from the 2011 film Captain America is scheduled for later this spring.

Captain America: The First Avenger Auction will offer a stunning 220 lots of which there is a clear highlight: a worn Captain America hero costume.

Divided into three parts, the custom suit consists of ballistic nylon and a rubberised backing.

The three parts are: red, white and blue sculpted upper body armour with a star insignia on the chest, long leggings with boot stirrups and between them a short undershirt.

Accessories for the striking suits include a Colt .45 pistol (thankfully made of rubber) which fits into a holster and an ammo belt. Then of course there is the leather mask/helmet which has little wings stencilled on the sides and 'A' (for America, obviously) on the front.

Captain America costume
The Captain America costume

Brown boots and gloves, also made of leather round off the ensemble.

Except, that is, for one last thing: the shield.

One of the most iconic items in the comic book universe, the prop doesn't disappoint: a bold round Vibranium shield made of resin you feel could block anything.

As a whole the costume is expected to sell for $20,000 - $30,000 in the April 14 Chicago Auction.

A price at least this high is to be expected given the clear ongoing interest in Captain America from the memorabilia markets: Last year a copy of Captain America #1 broke the World Record for the comic, achieving $343,000.

Watch this space for more highlights from the auction.

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