Albert Einstein manuscript to beat $50,000?

A handwritten manuscript by Albert Einstein for a paper titled On a Generalization of Kaluza's Theory of Electricity is expected to beat $50,000.

The lot will sell in RR Auction's October 11 memorabilia sale. 

Written circa 1938 and published in Annals of Mathematics on July 3 that year, the lot is a rare example of Einstein’s work in its original form.

Einstein manuscript RR

You can see Einstein's mind at work in this manuscript

The theory it explores is today referred to as Projective Relativity, which remains a key foundation of advanced physics.

Letters referencing Einstein’s thoughts on the divine remain the holy grail for Einstein collectors, often selling for millions of dollars at auction.

However, texts on physics are a close second.

A letter to a close friend, Michel Besso, on the Cosmological Constant realised £293,000 ($376,866) at Christie’s over the summer.

Also up for grabs is a $30,000+ estimated handwritten letter in German from psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud referencing the Oedipal complex, one of his most famous theories.

It's dated April 2, 1933 and addressed to Dr Wulf Sachs, a South African psychoanalyst who asked Freud to look over some writings he planned to publish.   

Freud is complimentary on Sachs’ work, but reminds him “that whilst childhood passions are as a general rule openly voiced, oedipal emotions tend to be unconscious only after their renewal during puberty”.

The sale will also feature a cigar half-smoked by Winston Churchill.

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