Albert Chandler Civil War Journals offer collectors a piece of American history

We've already reported on two of the highlights in an upcoming Californian auction (February 19), these being an 'Aztec' obsidian, silver and ivory dagger crafted around a century ago by Tiffany's and a fabulous Bulgari choker necklace made from gold, pearls and a variety of gemstones.

However, not all the lots were chosen for their looks.

The journals of a certain Albert Brown Chandler dating from 1855-1920 (excluding 1863) also appear in the sale, charting the US Civil War and its aftermath during his time as the official paymaster in the War Department Telegraph Office.

At this time, he had a number of conversations and interactions with President Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin McMasters Stanton, and these are carefully recorded.

Chandler's tomes give insights into the battle of Manassas (1st Battle of Bull Run) noting that it was an unexpected upset for the Union Forces and the friction between President Lincoln and General McClellan.

Albert Chandler Civil War Journals
Albert Chandler's Civil War Journals

Following the conflict, Chandler gives an account of the facts regarding Lincoln's assassination and attended the trial of Henry Wirz - commander of the notorious Confederate Andersonville prison noting that he ''is indeed a wretched creature''.

Later still Chandler opines that President Andrew Jackson was drunk at his inauguration.

Dating from when Chandler was 15 (in 1855), the books include a photograph album, containing both albumen and tin type photos. Estimated at $20,000-40,000, the books represent one of the most interesting historical collections of writings due to one person after the famed Harbottle Dorr newspaper collection.

Collectors who specialise in the American Civil War and President Lincoln may be intrigued to know that we have a unique collectible available: Abraham Lincoln's Bedroom Wallpaper.

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