Your chance to own Neil Armstrong's 'rarest living signature' in California

Regency Superior's auction featuring space and aviation memorabilia is drawing closer. The sale features some exciting and unique pieces for collectors everywhere.

Those we've noted so far include the 1986 Flight of Freedom 7 oil painting of moonwalker Alan Shepard by Robert Peak. Peak was a world renowned illustrator/artist who did the original promotional artwork for a variety of famous shows and films.

Also on offer are a variety of pieces of aviation memorabilia from its early days, with excellent signatures of Wilbur Wright and the feared German war-hero the Red Baron, to its relatively recent peak with pieces of Concorde memorabilia. We recently discussed Concorde memorabilia as a potential investment.

However, there is still a selection of pieces on offer which are worth mentioning. For a start, there is a small but perfectly formed collection of objects flown on all the manned Apollo missions from 7 to 17.

The pieces comprising the collection include: an AP-7 flown cable, AP-8 flown heat shield, AP-9 flown Kapton foil, AP-10 flown film, AP-11 flown Kapton, AP-12 flown Kapton, AP-13 flown Kapton foil, AP-14 flown Kapton foil, AP-15 lunar surface flown beta cloth, AP-16 flown bungee strap ring and AP-17 flown heat shield. It is listed at $1,500-2,000.

With the same valuation is a 26 page long S-II Logistics training manual, 'S-II Propellant System & Associated GSE', (revised in December 1967). This is very rare, explaining its $1,500-2,000 listing.

Neil Armstrong signed lithograph
Neil Armstrong signed lithograph
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For space autograph-hunters there are several examples of the rarest of them all: Apollo 11 moonwalker Neil Armstrong.

The pick of these is an outstanding 8"x10" official NASA colour lithograph signed by Astronaut Neil Armstrong in fine tip blue marker. Autographed Armstrong lithographs in his white space suit are heavily sought after by collectors.

Regency Superior's auction takes place from January 28-30 in California and online.


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