William Henry Harrison signed document to beat $75,000?

A rare printed vellum document signed by US president William Henry Harrison could make in excess of $75,000 at RR Auction.

It will provide one of the highlights of the March 10-17 online sale.

William Harrison RR
William Henry Harrison died only a month into his first term as president

Harrison famously died while only a month into office, with the result that documents signed during his presidency are extremely rare.

RR Auction explains: "Appointments such as these are undoubtedly the most desirable presidential autographs and very rarely surface—this example has been in a private collection for over forty years.

"This appointment is also in better condition than usual and features an ideal, bold signature from the rarest president."

Another document signed by Harrison during his term sold for $75,000 at Christie's in June last year.  

An autographed letter sent by George Washington to Henry Lee, the governor of Virginia, in 1792 could sell for more than $25,000.

Lee had provided painter William Joseph Williams with a letter of introduction to Washington. Williams was eager to paint the then president, but Washington makes it clear in his response that he has had enough of sitting for portraits.

However, after some careful flattery he was placated and did allow Williams to paint him. The portrait is considered to have captured a strong likeness.

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