William Henry Harrison signature stars at Nate D Sanders

A signature from US president William Henry Harrison is among the highlights of Nate D Sanders' current auction, with an opening bid of $20,000.

Harrison (1773-1841) was the shortest-lived president in US history, presiding in office for a total of 32 days in 1841 before dying of pneumonia.

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William Henry Harrison was the shortest-lived president in US history

Famously, his inaugural speech lasted a gruelling two hours on a cold day in March, making it the longest in American history. Some have attributed Harrison's lack of warm clothing at the event to his death, although he didn't become ill until almost a month later.

His signature is extremely rare.

The sale closes on May 29, and also features Robbins medals from the Apollo missions and Elvin Hayes' 1977-1978 NBA championship ring.

We've got some fascinating presidential memorabilia available.

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