'Will & Kate's Royal engagement - great news for Royal memorabilia collectors'

It's been a busy week for Paul Fraser Collectibles, including a visit from the Reuters news agency. Reuters asked me to do an interview on the booming collectibles markets - and their reporters were particularly drawn to one of our stock items for sale...

The item happens to be one of the finest in our inventory: a 1529 letter written by King Henry VIII himself, penned in Latin, which changed the course of history. King Henry wrote it to the Bishop of Ravenna in an attempt to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.

Regular readers may remember my special column on Royal collectibles a couple of months ago. Back then, I wrote: "Royal memorabilia really is one of the 'surest things' that you can invest your money into. One reason is that future generations will always be interested in it."

And you can be sure that present and future generations will be interested in Kate Middleton, whose official engagement to Prince William was confirmed earlier this week. She's young, beautiful and confident in the spotlight - and comparisons to Princess Diana will prove inevitable.

Although Diana never became Queen - as Kate Middleton is now destined to be - she stilled played a crucial role in updating our perceptions of the Royal family in the late-20th century, as soon-to-be Princess Kate will undoubtedly do in the 21st...

A cultural icon: will Kate Middleton pick up the baton from Princess Diana?

It's for this reason that we've dedicated this week's newsletter to Royal collectibles and memorabilia: to investigate how this newly announced chapter in the Royal family's history could affect you as a collector and investor.

Assuming that Kate Middleton takes to the spotlight with ease, her Royal future could boost the values of Royal memorabilia, as collectors from varying countries around the world and new generations take a renewed interest in the United Kingdom's Royal family.

Continuing comparisons between Middleton and Princess Diana could further boost the value of the People's Princess's autograph, whose value has already risen by 580% in 10 years. In real terms, a Diana signature valued at £1,250 could be worth around £8,500 today, and considerably more in future years.

One thing's for sure: these are exciting times for the Royal family. As a young and hip generation of Royals breathe new life into Buckingham Palace, the collectors markets are sure to follow suit - and there could be no better time than the present for you to get involved.

All the best until next week,




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