US presidential candidates' autographs: whose is worth more?

As the date of the US presidential approaches and the race tightens, collectors may well find themselves wondering which candidate's autograph is worth the most.

Fortunately, we've done the research for you.

The 2016 PFC40 Autograph Index, in collaboration with JustCollecting, has gone live this week.

Hilary Clinton Wiki
Hillary Clinton's autograph is more valuable than Trump's

We can reveal that of the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton's autograph is by far the more valuable.

Leading examples of Clinton's signed photos sell for $860, in contrast with $550 for Trump.

There are a few reasons that this is the case.

Firstly, Hillary Clinton signs far fewer autographs than Trump and rarity translates to greater value.

Trump, by contrast, is a populist who will happily wade into the crowd and sign anything he can get his hands on.

Also, as the favourite to win, buyers are banking on Clinton's autograph being worth more after she becomes president.

However, this could well change over the next few days - as her victory is not looking assured.

Regardless, both candidates' autographs are worth substantially more than current president Barack Obama, whose signature sells for around the $430 mark.

This may be because collectors are hanging on to high end examples of his autograph until after he stands down. As the first black president, demand is likely to increase in the years after his retirement.

But this has also been one of the most divisive campaign seasons in history.

The rulebook has been well and truly ripped up and the repercussions will continue to echo long into the future. This is history in the making and buyers are keenly aware of that.

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