Today in History... Parliament votes to put Charles I on trial

The English Civil War came to its conclusion in January 1649, with Charles I put on trial, then executed at the end of the month.

The trial was probably illegal under the laws at the time and only possible at all because it naturally had no Royal Assent, and the House of Lords refused to legitimise it.

Charles had been a great patron of the painter Anthony van Dyck, who’s works were no doubt influenced by the assistance he received. The self-portrait which sold for a record £8.3m in December depicts a man of supreme confidence.

Van Dyck also painted the best remembered IMAGE_of Charles himself.

Charles’s nemesis, Oliver Cromwell, has also had an influence on the world of collectibles, though certainly not by paying vast sums of cash to painters.

His memorabilia is greatly sought after. A pair of boots which are merely rumoured to have belonged to Cromwell sold in December for £3,800.

Collectors interested in Cromwell will want to take a look at this rare example of his signature.



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