The Story of... Albert Einstein's final days

This week, it was announced that the original manuscript of Albert Einstein's world-changing theory of relativity is being displayed at the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Jerusalem.

Einstein's theory, which helps explain everything from black holes to the Big Bang, appears in its original 46-page manuscript form.

In it, he explains how gravity can bend space and time and demonstrates the expanding universe. The manuscripts were first published in 1916.

The works will exhibit as part of the Israel Academy's 50th anniversary celebration, continuing until March 25 and overlapping the 131st anniversary of Einstein's birth, on March 14.

To mark the occasion, this week's Story of... is an exceptional documentary on the final days of Einstein.

Despite being written off much of the science establishment as out of date and out of touch with modern theories, Einstein worked tirelessly in his dying days to amend and expand his theories.

This photo, representing Einstein's
belief in freedom of expression,
sold for $74k at RR Auctions

At the comfortable Institute for Advance Study - whose prominence increased insurmountably during Einstein's stay there - he steadily worked at enlarging this theory of gravity to a "Unified field theory".

So impressive was Einstein's sheer intellect that, following his death from an aneurysm on April 18, 1955, his family gave permission for his brain to be removed and preserved for study by future generations.

Unsurprisingly, Einstein's singular legacy means that he is today one of the most valued and sought-after autographs in the collectors' market.

In his recent exclusive interview with Paul Fraser Collectibles, Bobby Livingstone, RR Auctions' Head of PR, named their incredible $74,000 sale of a signed Einstein photograph (the famous IMAGE_with his tongue sticking out) as the highlight of his career at RR.

Elswhere, at Heritage Auction Galleries' February 11-12 autograph sale, a 1934 first edition inscribed presentation copy of Einstein's seminal book, Mein Weltbild, doubled its estimate.

Dedicated to his friend and mentor, Max Talmey, the book - whose title translates as The World As I See It - sold for more than twice its predicted $8,000 value, bringing $6,572.50.

The above video gives a fascinating insight into the genius, work ethic and dedication which contributed to Einstein's ongoing legacy as 'the Father of Modern Science' - a legacy which is likely to last forevermore.

Last year, Forbes placed Einstein in its Top 10 list of dead celebrity earners.


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