'Sure thing' collectibles investments - do they exist?

"...You're absolutely right not to accept Jews in your ranks, as it would weaken your position..."

What, in isolation, could be mistaken for an anti-Semitic sentiment is actually a comment by none other than Albert Einstein. It is written in this rare and historic signed letter manuscript on the subject of Nazism.

The typed manuscript is dated 11 August 1934 and addressed to August Hamelberg, member of The Friends of the Truth. The organisation of non-Jewish German-Americans was based in Cincinnati, US.

Einstein takes an opportunity to praise Hamelberg for his work on a pamphlet entitled The Menace of Nazism.

"I welcome your association and their work from the bottom of my heart," writes Einstein."Every German who has the opportunity, by living away from Germany, to be healthy and stay out of life threatening danger, should see it as their obligation to do so.

"Your concise brochure is a masterpiece of such action, by avoiding taking political sides with a healthy sense of justice. You're absolutely right not to accept Jews in your ranks, as it would weaken your position.

"For similar reasons, I have so far avoided speaking out openly about this issue. I may be able to give you some addresses to which you can send your brochures."


Albert Einstein's signed letter manuscript for The Friends of the Truth

Einstein's autograph is signed below. Despite minor creasing, the single-page letter's condition is billed as fine. Bids stand at $1,569 at the time of writing and will close tomorrow.

Given the values achieved by other Einstein signatures at auction, bids for this 1934 letter could rise significantly before tomorrow. Notable examples include a signed and inscribed photograph of Einstein sticking his tongue out which brought $74,000 at a US auction in 2009.

Thanks to his important contributions to human history, not to mention his charisma and iconic appeal, Albert Einstein remains a blue chip of the collectibles markets. So valued are his collectibles that the average price of an Einstein signed letter rose by 15.83% in the last 12 months.

In other words, if you purchased an Einstein signed letter for £6,000 12 months ago, it could today already be worth £6,950.

Signed Einstein photographs are generally more highly valued on the markets than his letters. But that doesn't mean you need to be exceptionally wealthy to afford one.

Albert Einstein autographed photographs presently for sale on the markets include this example, which measures 6.5" x 4.5". We have it for sale here at Paul Fraser Collectibles priced at £9,500. Despite a few creases around its edges, it is otherwise in excellent condition.

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