Steve Jobs signed poster valued at $20,000+

An ultra-rare 1992 NeXTWORLD Expo poster signed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs is selling at RR Auction with a valuation of $20,000+.

Jobs founded NeXT computers in 1985, shortly after he left Apple.

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The signature dates to a key time in Jobs' career

The company became known for the high quality of its products, which were chiefly aimed at the business and scientific communities.  

As an interesting historical aside, Tim Berners-Lee created the internet on a NeXT computer in 1989.

In 1997 Jobs returned to Apple and the company promptly purchased NeXT - using its superior technology to create the Mac OS X operating system.

RR Auction comments: “The consignor of this piece worked for Canon USA and was demonstrating the NeXT computers in a booth at the expo; Jobs signed this poster in person just before the show opened…

“Authentically signed Steve Jobs material is exceedingly hard to find, with this vibrantly colored poster serving as a unique and highly visual example.”

We’ve seen some extraordinary results for Steve Jobs memorabilia over the past few years, including the sale of Apple’s original founding contract for $1.6m in 2011.

More recently, a leather jacket he was photographed wearing in 1983 realised $22,400.

In addition to the signature, the poster is also a relic of San Francisco’s tech boom – which may enhance its appeal to buyers (particularly those involved in the industry).

The sale closes on March 8. 

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