Rare signed photo of Honest Abe fetches $103k

Freeman's Fine Books and Ephemera auction on Thursday sold two George Washington autographs: a letter to then future President Thomas Jefferson and a cheque he wrote in his twilight years

But neither was the biggest sale of a Presidential autograph. The lot which excited the most interest from bidders was a photograph of one of the other faces of Mount Rushmore.

There are 119 photos of Abraham Lincoln in existence, but the lot on offer is one of only 24 showing him standing, looking Presidential and as always immediately recognisable.

Abraham Lincoln signed photo
Photograph signed A Lincoln

Bidders obviously noted this rarity, and ignored the $8,000-12,000 estimate with bids rattling back and forth until finally the piece was taken away for a sterling $103,000. A stunning investment in autographs for the previous owner.

Lincoln made his place in history for the inspiring ideals which he presented in the cause of the Unionist side. A document autographed by Lincoln promoting James H Carlton for an important role in the South Western states is currently available.


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