Queen Elizabeth I signed manuscript could rule at Clars' auction

Collectors of firearms and other militaria will already have been alerted to the eclectic but impressive auction taking place at Clars Auction Gallery this weekend.The pieces on offer include an antique sterling silver parade saddle, and a rare Golcher rifle.

However to some what will be at least as impressive will be the selection of autographed historical documents on offer.

These include a framed Napoleon Bonaparte autographed letter and associated portrait with the former dated November 27th, 1811 and an autographed letter, from the office of Theodore Roosevelt signed by the President himself dated June 22, 1910.

There is even a framed Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), autographed Presidential appointment, authorizing the nomination of Charles L Miller as the Deputy Postmaster of Hannibal, in the state of Missouri. This is expected to achieve up to $2,000.

However, by far the most impressive document dates to long before this:

It is a Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) signed 1563 framed indenture which is actually accompanied by the royal Great Seal, (the first great seal 1558-1586, prior to the seal engraved by Nicholas Hilliard).

Elizabeth I great seal
Elizabeth I signed text and great seal

The indenture states the terms of a loan Elizabeth I is taking out through her financier Sir Thomas Gresham (1519-1579),  and is signed on the reverse by the Privy Council, including:

 Robert Dudley (1532-1588), Lord keeper of the Great Seal Sir William Cecil (1520-1598), Sir Nicholas Bacon (1510-1579), William Howard of Effingham (1510-1573), and Sir Francis Knollys (1514-1596).

In 1563 Elizabeth I moved the Royal court to Windsor castle to avoid the bubonic plague. The document is expected to sell for $30,000-50,000 in Clars' auction which takes place on February 6th in California.

Collectors looking to invest in historical Royal documents may wish to take a look at this selection, especially this extraordinary letter by Elizabeth's father, Henry VIII.


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