Paul McCartney gives up signing autographs for fans

Paul McCartney, the Beatles legend, has finally come to a conclusion at the age of 66: he won't sign autographs for fans, or have his picture taken with them, when he's out and about.

McCartney explained that he likes to go shopping in ordinary places, such as B&Q for his materials to do some DIY.

"It's funny as people don't expect me to do that. I'll go shopping or to the movies on my own and I like that. It's a balancing part of my life because next day I might be playing to 50,000 people in Mexico."

For this reason, McCartney has become reluctant to let himself be distracted by autograph-hunters whilst out shopping or in restaurants.

"I've finally realised I have rights." the rocker explained on Radio 4's Today show, "Most people are very understanding because they understand privacy."

The news is significant for autograph collectors and investors. As it is, McCartney's signature is one of the top 10 most valuable to collect from living celebrities - third after Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong and shamed golfing genius Tiger Woods.

A reduced supply of McCartney autographs is likely to make them more valuable still. Two particularly exciting McCartney signatures are currently on the market: a sheet of Lady Madonna lyrics and a letter written by a young McCartney before the Beatles were famous.

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