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If I sound a little breathless this week, it's because I am. The phone has not stopped ringing.

As I write, a camera crew from ITV News has just turned up at our office here in Bristol.

They're interviewing us about an amazing letter we have in stock.

The newspapers got wind of the story on Tuesday. The Times, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail are three of the big UK dailies who have run it.

Then it went global. Indian newspapers have gone crazy for it, while Fox has covered it in the US.  CBS are sending a reporter here tomorrow.

And I never thought I'd see my name in Hello! magazine, but there it is!

And what is it exactly that has caught the media's attention?

It's a heart wrenching love letter from Liz Taylor to Richard Burton, available for £35,000 ($57,500).

What's so special about that, you ask? Didn't the turbulent pair write many love letters to each other? They did. But this is the first one that has ever come up for sale. What's more, the timing and content of the letter is sensational.

Taylor wrote it on their 10th wedding anniversary in 1974 - just days before they separated (for the first time), and three months before they divorced.

Liz Taylor
The letter that's been keeping us busy this week

"I wish I could tell you of my love for you, of my fear, my delight, my pure animal pleasure of you - (with you)", she writes to Burton - who had been up to no good behind her back.

It's an incredible window into the lives of one of the most famous couples, at a time of great emotional strain for the pair.

I think it's a stunning item - well worthy of the attention it's getting. I can't imagine the letter will stay in our stock for long after this week's coverage.

But here's the thing, it's just one of several stunning items we have in stock, all worthy of global news coverage. And as a subscriber to this newsletter you get the inside scoop.

Here are three other opportunities to own amazing collectibles that are flying under the radar - for now.

·         Original piece of Spirit of St Louis fabric signed by Charles Lindbergh

·         Mahatma Gandhi's food bowl from his time in prison

·         Original photographs from Rolling Stone Charlie Watts' first public performance

Until next week


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