Orville Wright's collectibles are flying sky-high 140 years after his birth


Today is Orville Wright's birthday - and he is today one of the most collectible historic figures on the markets.


Orville and his brother Wilbur would become the first people to have a successful sustained and controlled flight of an aircraft with a motor.


It was the first heavier-than-air human flight and took place on December 17, 1903. Not resting on their laurels, the brothers produced the world's first practical fixed-wing aircraft within the next two years.


Today, the Wright brothers have made their impact on the collectibles markets as well as the world of aviation.


As 'collectible subjects', the brothers occupy a rare niche shared by the likes of Thomas Edison and The Beatles. Put simply, today's world wouldn't be the same without them.



A unique letter written and signed by Wilbur Wright, sold for $25,000

Not surprisingly, the Wright brothers' historical achievements have since been reflected in the value of their collectibles...

Past notable sales include a unique letter written and signed by Wilbur Wright, which brought $25,000 at a Max Rambod Inc auction back in 2008.


This piece could be worth significantly more today. Elsewhere, items bearing the signatures of both brothers could be even more valuable.

Take, for instance, this cheque bearing both Orville and Wilbur's signatures and dated January 27, 1908.


The brothers' close bond, and their celebrity, is tellingly revealed in how the cheque is signed: simply "Wright Brothers". It was then initialled by one brother each on the front and one on the back.

This piece also marks the birth of the US Air Force, and the brothers' involvement in that process. You can find out this piece's significance here.

Thanks to their perennial legacy and influence, the Wright Brothers' collectibles are among the most valued on the markets - and these values should continue to soar for future generations.


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