Neil Armstrong rare autographs: 'A small step offers you a large profit'

 It's amazing how much foresight people have...

When the first-ever Moonwalker prepared to leave the Eagle lunar module (today in history, July 20, 1969) he wasn't only taking a step into the unknown...

There was also a chance that neither he nor his crewmates, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, would return from their perilous mission.

The danger was high. For this reason, Apollo 11 was the first flight where the monetary power of collectibles was embraced... in the form of 'insurance covers'.

Postcards were signed the crew while they were still in pre-flight quarantine.

The idea was for these to be left with Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins' families in case the three brave astronauts didn't survive their mission.

Not surprisingly, these covers can today sell for thousands. Talk about good insurance...

Intrinsic to these pieces' value is that they serve as a reminder of the sheer danger which underpinned the Apollo missions.

Indeed, in my opinion, space collectibles are among the greatest testaments to mankind's bravery outside of war memorabilia.

Also, because these autographs were "official", many also boast remarkable provenance. Like the example which sold at Heritage Auctions last year from Buzz Aldrin's own collection.

Alongside their history and provenance, here's another factor: Neil Armstrong stopped signing autographs in the early 1990s after discovering that his local barber was selling clumps of his hair.

As a result, Neil Armstrong is today the world's most valuable living signature because it is in finite supply.

And values are still going up.

So what can space collectibles mean for you?

Well, think about it like this:

  1. space collectibles signify mankind's bravery, and scientific and exploratory achievement, like nothing else
  2. today's ageing 'baby boomer' population are spending disposable income on their childhood memories of the moon landings on TV
  3. young  'nouveau rich' buyers - fascinated by technology, patriotism and mankind's future space missions - will want to own these rare pieces...
  4. as will museums and institutions around the world for years to come.

The market-driving factors are all there.

With space collectibles you can have a hobby and interest in history like no other.



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